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Appetizer pies with cheese

Appetizer pies with cheese

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Yogurt, at room temperature, mix with salt, sugar and baking soda. Leave for 5 minutes.

Grate the cheese on a small grater and mix with the flour and yogurt mixture. The result will be a sticky dough, which is kneaded for 3 minutes. Sprinkle the flour (because the dough is sticky), roll out the dough and make 9 circles with a bowl (depending on the size of the bowl).

Fry in a little oil, over low heat (with a lid), and when it decreases, add more. When they return, add a little oil again. It doesn't take much, just enough to grease the pan.

I made them in a ceramic pan, so they didn't stick.

Appetizer muffins with ham and cheese

ingredients: 300 gr flour, 150 gr pressed ham, 1 kapia pepper, 150 gr grated cheese, 2 eggs, 210 ml milk, 30 ml oil, ⅓ sachet baking powder (a knife tip), 3 green onion rings, salt and pepper to taste

Method of preparation: Put flour and baking powder in a bowl. Beat the eggs separately as for the omelet, then add the composition over the flour. Peel and finely chop the peppers and onions, then add to the composition over the flour. It is completed with oil, milk, salt and pepper to taste, grated cheese and finely chopped pressed ham. Homogenize the composition well and pour into the muffin tin.

Preheat the oven to 180 ° and put the baking tray for about 20-25 minutes until they are nicely browned on the surface. After they are baked, they are left to cool in the tray and then they are taken out and can be served as an appetizer.

Cheese pie appetizer - Recipes

  • 200 gr of Dutch type cheese,
  • 100 g of ground butter,
  • 2-4 cloves garlic,
  • 1 tablespoon mayonnaise or
  • a boiled egg

Method of preparation:

The cheese is grated with more masked holes. A smaller piece of cheese is given through the grater with smaller holes for decoration and placed separately in another flat plate. The butter is left to soften beforehand - to become mollusc. Put the garlic to taste.

All ingredients are added to a deeper plate. Add a tablespoon of Provencal mayonnaise or a boiled egg given by a small grater and mix well with a tablespoon. From the received table some small or bigger balls are formed and they are given through the grated cheese through the small grater. It is arranged in plates in different ways. I will expose some ways of arranging.
Also, with this cheese pate you can spread it on slices of black bread and decorate it with a sprig of dill.

In this case, the cheese balls were arranged in the shape of a grape with more masked berries.
In the second plate they are also arranged in the shape of grapes, but with smaller grains.
I will exhibit different cheese arrangements for the festive meal.

Cheese pie appetizer - Recipes

This dough is extremely easy and quick to prepare and is elastic. It is prepared with and without yeast. without yeast I exposed this dough at the beginning of the blog. But step-by-step explanations will follow and I will expose it again.
From this dough are formed different forms of pies and swirls that are filled with a lot of very tasty fillings. Along the way I will acquaint you with everything. But let me start with the simplest, I address you, future housewives /
what we need

  • 1 kg of high quality flour - important
  • 2 eggs
  • a teaspoon of sugar
  • a teaspoon of salt
  • 130 ml of oil half a glass
  • 450 '500 ml of warm water
  • 35'50 gr of fresh brewer's yeast
    2 яйца
    Одна ложечка соли
    Одна ложка сахара
    0.5 стакана растительного масла - 130 мл
    450-500 мл теплой воды
    35-50 грамм свежих дрожжей

How to proceed
Heat the microwave for 20 sec. AFTER 20 sec, heat the dish.

Способ приготовления
В маленькую миску крошим свежие дрожжи, добавляем сахар чтобы они разбухли быстрее и полстакана теплой воды, которую можно нагреть в микроволновке в течение 20 сек. Быстро размешиваем их пока они растают полностью с добавлением одной ложки взятое из 1 кг муки. После того, как размешали все вместе сыплем сверху другую ложку муки. Укрываем полотенчиком.
Нагреваем микроволновку на 10-20 сек на максимальной температуру и ПОСЛЕ ставим посуду с разведенными.

, emerging from the entourage we have today.
Here I want to draw attention to an important moment. You can add in this dough yeast in the amount of 35 to 50 grams per 1 kg of flour. It does not influence the quality and taste of the dough, only the volume after baking. That is, at the height, the fluff of the pie or spinning, depends on what you want to bake.

Если дрожжи свежие - это происходит очень быстро. Нужно следить за ними.

Как вы понимаете наши бабушки ставили эту миску с дрожжами на теплую печку, но нам на помощь пришла современная техника и поэтому я буду рассказывать где , что и как я делала. Тобы было позновательно и полезно, особенно молодым неопытным хозяйкам, то, для чего я стараюсь стараюсь
В этом тесте количество дрожжей можно увеличить до 50 граммов на 1 кг муки. Все зависит какие изделия вы хотите седлать, и будут они более пышными или менее.
В данном случае сможете сравнивать с тестом НАТАШИКА - она ​​использовала больше дрожжей чем я.
Я специально так сделала, взяла то количество дрожжей которое рекомендуется по старинному рецепту.

В глубокой тарелочки перемешиваем вилкой яйца с солью и добавляем стакан теплой водички, Остается еще полстакана - не спешите добавлять помто что должны наблюдать как формируется тесто.

В миску с мукой добавляется смесь из яиц и воды и перемешиваем деревянной ложкой.

Следом добавляем поднятые дрожжи и все тщательно перемешиваем. Вот здесь будет видно, что не хватает воды и продолжая мешать муку ложкой постепенно (по чуть -чуть _ч).

You need to remember that it is flour that requires more or less liquid.
But be convinced that if you use flour that gives superior quality to 6 glasses of flour, you will add 2 glasses of water.

Вот так должно выглядить ТЕСТО перед замесом руками.
Вы, молодые хозяюшки должны набить глаз на этом состоянии будущего теста. Должны научится прочувствовать и понять достаточно количество воды к муке. Потому есть мука которая вбирает в себе больше воды и наоборот.
Но если вы выберете муку высшего сорта то на 6 граненных стаканов муки нужно брать 2 стакана теплок во.

Продолжаем месить рукой в ​​течение 1-2 минут, придерживая другой рукой миску. Наливаем немного растительного масла и месим. Как соберется все тесто в комок, вываливаем его на чистую рабочую доску и начинаем месть обеими руками тесто, не забывая добвлять по немногу растительного масла, таким образом.

With one hand, unroll the dough as shown in the picture above, pour a little oil and knead further, gathering the dough towards the middle.
На столе растягиваем обеими руками тесто и наливаем по середине немного масла, как показано на фо. И потом продолжаем месить собирая тесто к середине.

Месим тесто около 4-5 минут. Вы заметите сами как оно собирается в мягкий на ощупь комок теста .Состояния теста до его поднятия.

Put the dough in the bowl, which has kneaded, sift a little flour on top of the variety and cover with a clean towel. Give it at a higher temperature for its rise for 30-40 minutes.
The dough always likes the heat.
Ложим тесто обратно в миску. Просеиваем немного муки сверху, накрываем чистым полотенчиком или пленкой, а сверху полoтенцем.
Оставляем в теплое место на 30 = 40 минут, чтобы оно поднялось. Тесто всегда любит тепло.

The weight of the dough ready to make pies or spin with different fillings is 1 kg 600 grams.

Вот так меня научили в мое далекое детство, так я написала и рассказала Вам.

Написанно много, но тесто за 20 минут (включая и время поднятия дрожжей) готово.

Вес готового теста после его поднятия около 1кг 600 грамм.

How to make a picture of a great game and in a beautiful way to make it look, and what it is, and what it is.

It is universal and is widely used in the preparation of various bakings in our kitchen. For every Moldovan housewife, this dough is N 1 in the house and takes you out of any situation. because it is prepared from products, which can be found in any household.

I wish you success in preparing this very tasty dough and easy to work with. I know that once prepared, you will repeat several times.

Желаю успехов, хозяюшкам в освоении этого прекрасного, очень вкусного теста. Уверенна, что полюбите его навсегда.

I took a jar of small pickled cucumbers from MegaImage (I think they were the brand of the chain store) and after I drained the cucumbers, I cut each one into 2 pieces.

I cut 450g of cheese into cubes with a side of about 1 cm, then I prepared the toothpicks to get to work.

Put a piece of cucumber on each toothpick, a slice of salami folded twice and then fix it with a cheese cube, then place it on a plate with the cheese down.

Culinary art with Doina

It is ready in 30 minutes, including the spinning, from the following ingredients:

  • 1 pack of pie sheets (400 g)
  • 100 g ribs or smoked ham
  • 100 g parizer
  • 100 g of cheese or melted cheese
  • 100 g butter or margarine
  • 1 yolk
  • susan, buoy, oregano

Unwrap the package of pie sheets and cut them in half, as overlapping as they are. Cut the ham / ribs, the Parisian and the cheese into 7-8 cm long sticks, not too thick. Melt butter or margarine in a saucepan over low heat.

On the work table put a piece of pie sheet, grease with melted butter, cover with another sheet and so on until you get 4 overlapping sheets, greased between them. Then cut with a sharp knife strips about 3 cm wide on the long side. Wrap in these strips a parizer stick, cheese and ribs, slightly overlapping the pie sheets in the wrapper. Grease the tray with the butter paper and place the rolls next to each other.

Be careful to leave a little distance between them, so that they do not stick. Mix the yolk with a tablespoon of water and grease them all with the pastry brush. Then sprinkle paprika, sesame and oregano on top, not necessarily evenly. Put the tray in the preheated oven at 180 degrees (medium heat) for 12-15 minutes, depending on how hard you want to brown them.

They are crispy, tender and tasty because you can't stop munching. Be sure to cool some beers as well. Guests will be ecstatic.

Pies to everyone's liking

The morning I saw the recipe I tried them and offered myself a wonderful breakfast - I made them with cheese filling.

I thought, however, to try them with a sweet filling and the result was to the liking of my whole family - that's why I posted them under this name.

300 ml milk
300 grams of flour
30 grams of butter
1 pinch of salt

2 egg whites
frying oil

For the filling we used:

1 large diced apple, lemon juice, 2 tablespoons sugar, 1 cinnamon powder

200 grams of chopped cherries (they were big, I thought I wouldn't be able to fold the dough nicely over them), 4 tablespoons of sugar

1 sachet of vanilla pudding

Cut the apples into cubes, mix immediately with the lemon juice (so as not to oxidize) and with 2 tablespoons of sugar:

The cherries are mixed with 4 tablespoons of sugar:

Milk, butter and salt are put on the fire:

When it boils, add all the flour at once and mix vigorously, until it comes off the walls of the bowl:

Turn over on the work surface and allow to cool slightly:

When the dough has cooled so much that it can be touched, knead until it is still gathered in a ball:

The obtained ball is wrapped in food foil and left to cool completely:

Meanwhile, both apples and cherries left syrup:

The pudding envelope is divided between the two compositions (in the one with apples I added 3 tablespoons of water, as much as the liquid to cover the fruit very little) and boil on low heat, stirring constantly, until it thickens, then leave to cool. :

Once cooled, spread the dough into a very thin sheet (1 mm or less, I recommend greasing the worktop with a little oil). I cut the obtained sheet into squares on which I put the filling:

Then I folded them diagonally and pressed the edges well, so that the filling did not come out when fried:

The ones with cheese (I put slices of cheese on each square) I folded lengthwise, obtaining rectangles.

Beat the egg whites a little, just until a little foam is formed, put the pies through the egg white, then through the breadcrumbs and fry on both sides in hot oil, until they turn brown and receive a beautiful, golden tint. Here are the final results: